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Company Philosophy

Micos Engineering GmbH is an independent advanced engineering company that focuses on optical instrumentation for the European space market. As industrial partner it delivers (pre-) design, engineering, AIT (assembly, integration and testing) and services for optical measurement systems. In addition Micos also offers development of highly reliable products for industrial applications in synergy with its technology/product know-how for scientific and commercial space-borne missions.

Activities include instrumentation, ground support, data processing and analysis based on our technology expertise in optical spectrometers, sensors and encoders. The multi-disciplinary team runs joint space projects within professional networks with industrial and institutional partners. Micos offices and facilities are embedded in the premises of the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), Dübendorf, Switzerland which notably augments the quality and range of our services to customers and partners.

As a start-up out of ABB’s global remote sensing activities, Micos profits from the extensive heritage and experience in engineering, assembly, integration and testing of Fourier Transform Spectrometry (FTS) instruments. The founders of the Micos team were contributors in the past to more than 15 patent applications, more than 15 man years of project management experience and more than 30 man-years of experience and expertise in the area of instrumentation for industrial and space applications, including participation in scientific and operational missions at various development phases from concept proposals to full optical systems.

Before founding Micos, key personnel have been participating in various projects for European and Canadian Space Agencies and different prime contractors. These projects include participations in early phases studies and instrument development activities for different spectrometers (FTS and pushbroom) and instrumentation.